KMH Systems Save Space

Saving Space With KMH

Most companies would like to maximize the operation of the warehouse, either by streamlining the placement and picking of goods, reducing the time goods are stored in the warehouse, or automating as much as possible to minimize labor costs, while improving accuracy. KMH can help you maximize your warehouse, improve efficiency and optimize your operation in a number of ways.

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Material Handling Solutions

Profits & Precision

The internet has trained us to expect quick precision in order and delivery. KMH helps you implement efficient systems to ensure an experience worth reliving to keep the business going, and the customers coming for more. KMH Systems helps you move the needle in Material Handling ROI with reliable delivery and installation, project management and parts and service support.

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Increase Space With A Mezzanine

Save Money, Increase Space With A Mezzanine

Mezzanine systems in a warehouse environment are an effective way to increase storage and/or work space by allowing you to utilize the unused vertical space that already exists in your facility. After the mezzanine is constructed, the space beneath it is also accessible and can be used for storage or other purposes.   A warehouse mezzanine is an easy way to add storage space, office space or even a showroom.

Benefits Of A Mezzanine

Stay In Your Space

Space constraints may have you thinking that relocating to a bigger building or adding on to your current is your only option. Well, with the help of KMH mezzanine professionals, you can have a mezzanine designed and customized for your warehouse and forget about the rest. The cost of the system pales in comparison to moving your entire business elsewhere or having to build on to your existing facility.

Affordable Second Floor

One of the major benefits and ultimate uses of these mezzanines is to create a new floor within the same environment. Instead of constructing an entirely new floor, which comes along with additional costs that can become unfeasible (i.e, piping, heating, cooling) a Mezzanine solution maximizes resources.


Not only can a Mezzanine be designed to be movable, it can also be customized to fit any area. The use of mezzanines is not restricted to storage space – you can get very creative. The possibilities are virtually endless. It is advisable to discuss your needs with a KMH consultant before purchasing a mezzanine, so that they can advise on the best type of material and other details.

One Time Investment

The “one-time investment” factor comes into play through the reality of requiring minimal repairs in order to get the job done right. The does not require a lot of repairs over a long period of time, and gives an easy upgrade without taking a lot of time.


They are an economical option that pay for themselves within a few years. Mezzanines are far cheaper than moving to a new building because of space issues, and much less stressful, too.

To make an appoint with us to learn more about your Mezzanine options you can locate your closest KMH branch here  or call: 888-564-7978

Do More With Less

Do More With Less

“Simplicity is somehow essentially describing the purpose and place of an object and product.” -Jonathan Ive, Apple

At KMH we aim to help you increase your profits while maintaining your baseline. There are many ways to increase profits with minimal investment. Here are three that can turn your future into a fortune by helping you do more with less:

Increase Storage Space

Reducing aisle width is an up to 50% space savings advantage. By compacting your product in an ergonomic manner, your increased floor space can be used for more product, and your aisles can be navigated by cost savings trucks. Narrow Aisle Master by Combilift gives you the advantage of reach and counterbalance forklifts, thus reducing your need for multiple trucks, shrink the space & increase your profits. You can watch their video here: Aisle Master.

More light Less Heat & More Savings

Orion LDR Lighting
With an up to 85% savings, Orion LDR lighting retrofits not only save you money on your energy bill, they emit less heat keeping everyone and your product at optimum temperature. There are on estimated 964 existing lighting troffers in America that can be retrofitted, why not be one of the companies to upgrade and save? Some states are still offering rebates to companies who change their lights, we can help you with that, too.

Mezzanine Monetization

Savings with mezzanine flooring are profound.

Maximize your space, raise the roof on solutions when you warehouse is cramped and your profits can soar right along with you. There are several types of mezzanine floor installations that can effectively double your floor space with very little effort. A Mezzanine is simple to dismantle, pack up and move with you, and you can increase the size or reduce it.

  • Avoids relocation costs by making use of available ceiling space
  • Designed to meet precise customer requirements
  • Double your production and storage space in a short timeframe with minimal disruption
  • Create space for new offices
  • Accommodate lighting, sprinkler pipe, HVAC ducts, electrical and computer conduit
  • Improve inventory management & control
  • Mezzanines Can be customized

If Steve Jobs can shrink the world into a phone, KMH can help you do more with less in the spaces you already operate in. Call us for a free operational audit and we will show you what we can do for you. KMH Systems: 888-564-7978

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