KMH Systems Save Space

Saving Space With KMH

Most companies would like to maximize the operation of the warehouse, either by streamlining the placement and picking of goods, reducing the time goods are stored in the warehouse, or automating as much as possible to minimize labor costs, while improving accuracy. KMH can help you maximize your warehouse, improve efficiency and optimize your operation in a number of ways.

Storage Containers and Shelving

Proper storage solutions are imperative to maintaining order as well as saving valuable time. Storage bins are efficient, cost effective and practical for any inventory. Shelving helps you store your inventory vertically and safely and still follow the 80-20 Rule by grouping together the 20% of your SKUs that complete 80% of your orders.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is scalable and will increase the workflow and efficiency. Efficient pallet racking will improve safety by leaving the manufacturing floor open. Pallet Racking is infinitely adaptable and will greatly improve the overall functionality of the workplace. Racks can be bolted to the ground for added stability as well.

Pick Modules

Pick Modules assist with high throughput, maintaining FIFO (first in, first out) and help order picking and product replenishment becomes a seamless, integrated process. At KMH we work with you to integrate an efficient configuration to meet your needs and provide you with the maximum volume solution to fit your specifications.


One of the greatest advantages of a carousel is it brings the work to the operator. Companies with limited space allotments, looking for high throughput of material, find that carousels offer a good strategy for keeping inventories moving. Carousels are ergonomic by reducing the need to bend or overreach since they bring the product to the person increasing visibility and productivity.

Mezzanines & In Plant Offices

AT KMH we help you “stretch your walls” with a Mezzanine or an In-Plant office. Vertical expansion is a cost effective solution that adds a substantial amount of space to your facility. Mezzanine systems in a warehouse environment are an effective way to increase storage and/or workspace by allowing you to utilize the unused vertical space that already exists in your facility.

Spiral Conveyor

Compared to a belted incline or decline conveyor, a spiral takes up a fraction of the floor space. Saving floor space can add up to significant financial savings. Spirals also have the ability to merge onto or off of the conveyor and are able to safely transport materials from one level to another. With our various design options to fit your company layout and ceiling specifications, KMH will help you choose the correct spiral conveyor and layout for your facility.

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