Used Forklift Trucks

6 Benefits When Buying A Used Forklift In 2020

Budget and efficiency = ROI. You want to make sure you are accessing the best forklift for your needs while still making sure you are making a profit. At KMH Fleet this is our passion – we partner with you to make sure you are putting your money into a forklift that will serve your needs and your goals.

Benefit #1: Upfront Saving

When you make the decision to opt for a used forklift, you’re effectively able to purchase a high-quality and high-performing workhorse for much less of its market value.

Benefit #2: Buying Power

The price you pay for a brand new forklift is oftentimes sufficient to cover two used forklifts. Because used forklifts generally cost at least 50% less than a new one, investing in used forklifts actually increases your buying power. With the same money, you are able to buy more workhorses to improve your workforce productivity and still have the budget for minor maintenance.

Benefit #3: Durability and Reliability

When you purchase a used forklift, you gain the peace of mind knowing that the forklift you purchased has previously demonstrated its reliability by accomplishing (and even excelling) in its previous workplace. Even if repair is necessary, a slightly aged forklift is cheaper to fix than a new one because the parts are less costly, and you can always buy used parts at a great discount.

Benefit #4: Familiarity

When you invest in a used forklift, operators are already familiar with the workhorse and can easily take over the job without you spending any time and money on forklift training. There is no need for you to upgrade your forklift accessories to fit the new models either. Things will work as smoothly as before. The only difference is that your workplace now has an extra workhorse to run the show.

Benefit #5: Quicker

Purchasing equipment can take a bit of time between financing and closing the deal. One great thing about purchasing used equipment is that it tends to be a faster closing process.

Benefit #6: More Profit

Your bottom line gets bigger when your procurement costs are less. You can actually lower your cost of sale and increase your profit margin.

Investing in appropriate forklift for your specific application is very important. Call us today 888-564-7978 or please use the form below to set up a free Operation Audit so we can start helping you maximize your efficiency.