Industrial Automation

Automate Yourself a Higher ROI

To meet the needs of the high velocity world of e-commerce, conveyors and sorters must be a smart, fast, and efficient component of a production or order fulfilment engine. Driven by the need for flexibility, speed, and maximum uptime, customers are turning to a new generation of technologies—and new ways to minimize and optimize conveyor and sortation solutions—that enable nimbleness while cutting costs.

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Return on Investment

Free Ways to Increase your ROI

In order to calculate a return on investment in your warehouse, it is critical to evaluate your work flow process. Is there a process that results in frequent errors or causes slow downs in the follow on processes? Identifying and correcting these conditions first will increase your ROI quickly, and have significant impact on your business operations. The goal here is to take a small amount of time to have a significant improvement in your profits.

First, in your receiving area, examine how many receivers you have. Lower costs by calculating if you can decrease labor to your busiest time slots. How many hours per week are spent on receiving? Streamline the workers to the peak receiving times and use a skeleton crew during slower times.

Ask Your Team For Suggestions

The people doing the work can see improvements on a daily basis and come up with ideas that can help them get the work flow moving more efficiently and faster.

Manage Your Inventory

Use a warehouse management system to gain inventory and warehouse accuracy so you can reduce stock levels. It also provides visibility to real-time inventory, which can potentially eliminate lost product and reduce overstocks.

Follow Up With Customers

Customer satisfaction is often hard to measure, but it is valuable. Having the right product to deliver to customers at the right time and to the right place helps increase ROI by retaining customer loyalty. A quick follow up in these fast moving times is priceless to your clients.

Improve Your Shipping Speed

How many workers are picking shipments and for how many hours? Can this be lowered? How many errors occur per week in the picking process and how many hours does it take to correct one error? Eliminating error every week instantly increases your ROI, determine the savings for this process improvement.

A few improvements will increase your ROI over time. Sometimes it is the simple changes that allow for the greatest improvements. Your company products will roll out on time, and both your customers and workers will be happy.

For a Free Operational Audit on more ways you can approve your productivity contact us!

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Create Ease & Increase Your ROI

Labor is intensive and can’t always keep pace with growing demands. Human error is a reality, and it not only lowers productivity, but it wastes valuable time and increases company tension. Creating ease adds value, lowers stress as well as costs and it increases returns.

Sometimes people forget the “flow” aspect of “work flow,” and focus too much on the work. An integrated system that creates more ease leaves room for growth. Most people can’t think clearly under pressure. Growth in profit and efficiency increases your peace of mind, confidence, and reputation, which in turn spreads to more customers who will benefit from your improvements. The money saved in your cost per unit shipped adds more value so your organization can expand to fill more orders.

KMH offers FREE operational audits to assess your organization’s needs, your customers’ wants, and your financial investment strategy and expected return. We bring over 30 years of experience to help you improve production and distribution to your daily experience.

Items KMH Takes In Consideration:

• Increasing your throughput
• Improving your productivity
• Maintaining accuracy
• Return on investment
• Your company’s strengths and weaknesses
• Available processes equipment and systems
• Price, space and budget
• Labor costs
• Value added opportunities

Our award winning team takes pride in delivering solutions and working with you to engineer, collaborate, automate, integrate, and support your company. We strive to create ease in your operation to bring you savings. You can’t buy peace of mind, but you can invest in it.

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