Moible Solar Light Towers

Benefits of Mobile Solar Generators

KMH Mobile Generator:  Clean Power.

The Solar Eclipse line of mobile solar generators has been developed to meet the off-grid power needs of environmentally conscious customers across a variety of industries, including emergency preparedness/relief, events, entertainment, electric vehicle charging, telecommunications, agriculture and construction.

Since there are no fuel costs associated with solar, the total cost of leasing our generators or light towers is far less than leasing their diesel equivalents. Since solar stores extra energy and supplies it only when needed, it is far more efficient than diesel.

  • Custom designed for rapid deployment and minimum maintenance.
  • Capable of being setup by a single adult in less than 5 minutes.
  • Designed for on and off-road conditions.
  • Noise- and emissions-free.
Solar Eclipse SCT20

Off-grid mobile solar solutions go anywhere, anytime. Having assisted in emergency and disaster relief efforts, our products and teams are ready for deployment in an instant.  Whether you are hosting a festival, working on construction sites around the clock or helping in a crisis, we have what you need.

For environmentally conscious customers who can’t compromise on reliability, our product line delivers without sacrifice. Each of our mobile solar generators, light towers and telecommunications equipment is designed to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Manufactured with high-efficiency polycrystalline solar modules
  • Utilizes pure sine-wave outdoor rated inverters and equipment lockers
  • Flush mounted exterior outlets and breakers with backup generator and shore-power options
  • 100% UL-Approved components with 10 year product warranty
  • No special permits or licenses required to operate or be towed in transit
  • Motion shock-absorbers for solar panel safety in movement
  • Deep-cell industrial batteries with extended life and center-mounted for stability in transit
  • Designed for rapid deployment with a standard trailer pintle towing hitch
  • Ruggedly mobile with a polyurethane-coated steel frame
Mobile Solar Light Towers For Rent


  • Custom designed for rapid deployment and minimum maintenance
  • Capable of being setup by a single adult and generating renewable energy in less than 5 minutes
  • Designed for on and off-road conditions
  • Noise- and emissions-free

KMH is committed to environmentally friendly energy solutions that out perform the competition. Contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978 to learn how you can invest in your Solar future and utilize these state of the art resources for your company.