Nexen Sideloaders

All Directions… Making Short Work of Long Loads

Narrow Aisles? Tight Accesses? Storage Constraints? Sideloaders & Multi-directional Forklifts can do it!
Sideloaders benefit from the capability to travel through narrow doorways and work areas with loads from four metres upwards in a reduced space and also at low level, supported on its unique beds to increase safety and prevent instability of loads whilst travelling.

Why Choose a Sideloader

Highly maneuverable, very safe, truly cost effective, and supremely efficient. Also, they incorporate an all-wheel hydrostatic drive system and, with larger wheels and increased ground clearance, it is also capable of operation on semi-rough terrain surfaces, making light work of tough conditions.

Nexen Sideloader FDSL-FGSL

Why Choose a Multi-directional Forklift?

Total Flexibility – Three Machines in One: “Counterbalance Forklift; Sideloader; Narrow Aisle Truck.” Suitable for use both inside and out, the multi-directional forklift can operate in aisles as narrow as 2 meters (80″).Robust construction provides maximum strength and reliability while its low profile platform design ensures optimum stability and safer product handling.


  • Handling engineered wood is just one of an increasing number of applications benefiting from the Sideloader & Multi-directional Forklift
  • A ‘quick-release’ four-fork attachment is available for use with extra long loads
  • Block stacking and high-bay storage are easily accommodated
  • Can also work as a conventional counter balance forklift handling cube loads
  • Capable of working in un-paved yards and semi-rough terrain
  • Space savings can be more than 50% in warehouses and yards, depending on the type of product stored and the existing aisle width
  • Multi-directional Forklift steering system means you move forwards, backwards, and sideways… it’s anything but ordinary
  • Productivity is enhanced through reduced driver fatigue and superior control
  • Ergonomically designed cabin maximizes operator safety, comfort, control, and visibility

If you’re interested in additional information on Sideloaders and or Multi-directional Forklifts and would like to request a quote, please use the form below to submit your request or contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978.