Wrap Up Your Future

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” ― Nikola Tesla

The vision of Nikola Tesla is why we have electricity. He worked for Thomas Edison but Edison hated him, and ignored his inventions. Tesla quit, saying he was going on his own – he couldn’t wait around for Thomas Edison to ‘see the light’ of Tesla’s inventions and Alternating Current. Edison was funded by JP Morgan at the time who asked him, “Do you have any competition, Edison?” Edison replied, “No, no one.” He was wrong.

While Edison had laughed at Tesla’s ideas, George Westinghouse gladly heard his story and funded Tesla’s electrical current invention. Westinghouse’s calculated risk not only helped Tesla light up the Chicago World Fair in 1893, Westinghouse Electric was born from Tesla’s work and to this day we all benefit from the vision of Nikola because they pioneered long distance power transmission.

Edison had also bid to light up the World Fair in 1893. . . he lost to Tesla.

Tesla’s unwavering vision of the future put an end to Edison’s electricity system, but it was never about winning to Tesla, it was about doing the best, right thing.

Vision, invention and calculated risk.

This risk is the same kind we take at KMH every day leveraging experience and forward thinking.

This Holiday season is a perfect time to learn from your Holiday Rush mistakes and capitalize on them for 2015 and beyond. Mistakes are insights, lessons for innovating solutions and that’s what we do best at KMH. Our well planned Operational Audit leads to solutions for your bottom line down the road. The rush puts everyone on high alert and trains the team to see glitches and tricky spots in the company. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Most people think mistakes and being under pressure then failing mean you’ve lost the game. At KMH we know every glitch is fixable, that’s why we do what we do best. The best thing about being an inventor and an innovator is you know never give up – the solution exist, and we help you build it.

Your business, team and customers evolve every day and every time you receive a new order it’s a chance to do it a little better. The future is in the hands of those with vision for the long haul, for the next order and challenge and then the next and the next. Outperforming yourself over time can be more important than beating the competition just for today. The competition may have their eyes on your for the short term, let them. We help you keep your eyes on the prize for the long term win.

At KMH, partnering for your success and passion for excellence is why we carry the full line of Material handling products. How can we help you?

Vision, stability and adaptability – Building a company that survives all the storms the competition crumbles under is our passion, why we partner with you, today and for building your dreams and legacy.

You can learn more about our innovative dedication to your Future for FREE, any day of the week. We look forward to hearing from you!