Used Forklifts For Sale

Why Buy A Used Forklift?

When you need a forklift truck, one issue to consider is whether it really has to be new. Budget and efficiency = ROI. You want to make sure you are accessing the best forklift for your needs while still making sure you are making a profit. At KMH Fleet this is our passion – we partner with you to make sure you are putting your money into a forklift that will serve your needs and your goals.

Easier Service & Maintenance

If you carefully select a used forklift, you get a machine that is inspected and fixed by experts to make sure it’s refurbished to good working condition – and you could actually get a warranty too.

Readily Available Equipment

The lead time for a new truck may be fairly long, meaning you could have to wait for a vehicle you need. Used trucks are more readily available, and can be acquired very quickly – so if your materials handling needs suddenly change, buying used may be the best way to adapt.

Remember The Bottom Line

To purchase a forklift truck is to tie up capital. If you find an adequate used machine, you get your desired material handling capacity—yet less capital is tied up. Quite simply, a used forklift truck can deliver a better Return On Investment.

Do Your Research

While there are a number of advantages to buying a used forklift, it is a process that requires good research. Anyone considering this route should thoroughly look into the history of the product they’re interested in. It’s important to obtain a maintenance report to explore any issues the previous owner had with the equipment and ensure it was properly maintained. Apart from considering the equipment’s past, it’s a good idea to understand your own future needs: How many hours a day will you be using the forklift? What type of work will you need it for? What conditions will you be using it in? Experts suggest that, if the equipment will be in operation for four hours or less per day, it’s advisable to opt for a used forklift instead of new.

The cost and other benefits of used forklifts certainly may motivate many buyers to opt for pre-owned equipment, but regardless of the advantages, knowing your own needs and doing the leg work to find a product that matches them is the first step to success. Work with KMH, we’d be happy to help you find the right piece of equipment to serve your needs and at the best price point. What are you waiting for? Contact KMH today to get started!

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