KMH Systems Holiday Tips

Time & Money: Priceless Gifts for Your Holiday Season

The Holiday rush is upon us.

Maintaining a safe, steady productive pace is our wish for you.

Our expertise in Material Handling is focused to help you effectively manage Holiday volume, avoid chaos, save time and increase profits. At KMH we pride ourselves on solutions for your operations.

Our Operational Audit is FREE.
We offer countless ways to increase your bottom line.

Here are 6 to get you rolling:

1. Get our Free Energy Audit

Our Energy Audit will help you better understand your energy usage and determine where your facility can go green and save money. Many states offer tax breaks and utility rebates. Check your State here:

2. Prevent Expensive Repairs

Schedule regular inspections and service to improve your equipment and work systems. We will help you save valuable time and money before needing repairs to increase efficiency and decrease risk.

3. Re-slot

The fewer touches of product, the less cost of shipping an order. A revamped slotting strategy can reduce Order Pickers travel time reducing picking labor and increasing productivity.

4. Consider Automation

About 60 percent of Order pickers spend their time walking products around. An automated solution, such as conveyance, can reduce travel time and lower your cost per unit shipped.

5. Order Online

Looking for something? From bins, drums, doors, pallet and scales to racks, shipping supplies to tables, tools and work benches – Our Online Catalog makes it EASY!

6. Safety

Avoid peak Holiday disasters by not implementing new unnecessary modifications through December. Facilities change with the volume, maintain a positive productive workflow for everyone and try to schedule heavy replenishment and put away in off hours to reduce aisle congestion.