Speedshield Fleet Management

Speedshield: Take Forklift Fleet Management To The Next Level

Speedshield is a lift truck monitoring system that plugs into the wiring harness of your lift equipment.  Using some of the most advanced telemetry solutions for fleet safety, Speedshield provides unprecedented levels of performance for your assets giving you significant economic, environmental and operations benefits.

The technology gives you online access to your lift truck fleet using wireless fleet management and can save you $600 to $1,000 per unit annually while reducing your fleet emissions and energy consumption for only about $1.00 a day!

With Speedshield you have access to customized online reporting, specialized fleet safety applications and can customize the solutions that are the best fit for your fleet.  By taking your fleet management to the next level you will not only improve safety for your team but lower your overall material handling costs.

Speedshield Fleet Management Provides & Monitors:

  • Operation of the lift truck by individual operator and hours
  • The ability to configure and control what operators are authorized on each specific piece of equipment
  • The ability to register operators certifications and training, and require them to be up-to-date in order to operate equipment
  • Paperless, configurable OSHA-approved startup/inspection checklists
  • Configurable email alerts for inspection failures and/or the ability to “lock out” the equipment for specific failures
  • Checklists are stored online and can be accessed anytime
  • Two levels of impact detection, configurable by g-force readings
  • Lower level impact information is stored for reporting and tracking
  • Critical impacts will shut down and lock out the equipment until restarted by an authorized individual
  • Configurable email alerts for impacts
  • Excess idle engine shutoff after a configurable period of time to save fuel, reduce equipment hours and emissions
  • Hour meter tracking, with KPI measurements like traction hours, lift hours, idle hours by operator
  • Tracking/notification for regular maintenance with configurable email alerts
  • If vehicle is equipped with a seat belt sensor, the ability to require a fastened seat belt in order to operate
  • If vehicle is equipped with a speed sensor, the ability to track speed of travel and set maximum speeds by facility zone, specific piece of equipment and/or operator

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