Solar Light Rentals – Light The Night!

Whether you are working construction in the night, needing campus lighting, hosting a festival or anytime you simply need to light a large area efficiently we have the solar solution you can use with confidence: The Solar Eclipse SCT20 Hybrid LT.

The Solar Eclipse SCT20 hybrid light tower brings state-of-the art LED lighting to both local and remote areas. This battery-based diesel hybrid light tower provides 86,000 lumens of light by using eight independently directed LED lights. With an optional video surveillance camera, you can be assured your unit is safe even in remote areas.

Construction projects involving night-time operations or security lighting have historically used portable diesel powered light plants. This new generation of light towers has been expanded and these light towers can perform year-round anywhere in the country without any downside to diesel-powered towers. A typical construction project has many light towers positioned throughout a job site to provide working light where needed and to improve safety and security for employees and equipment. Solar or solar/hybrid-powered light towers can be positioned right where the light is needed because there typically is no or limited noise and no exhaust fumes or carbon emissions during operation.

Solar and solar/hybrid light towers use energy-efficient LED floodlights instead of the metal halide lights typically used on diesel units. Solid-state LED lights generate limited heat and most of its power is directly used to generate brilliant white lighting for job sites.

Benefits Of The Solar Eclipse SCT20

  • Battery-based diesel hybrid
  • 86,000 lumens of light
  • Two 120-volt power outlets
  • Optional video surveillance system
  • WiFi capabilities
  • Capable of running 24 hours/day – with or without sun
  • Provides coverage area of up to 6 acres
  • Easy to set up and deploy – typically in less than 5 minutes
  • Enhances security with video surveillance
Solar Eclipse SCT20 Hybrid

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