Warehouse Management Software

RFID – The Smart Phone of Operation

Warehouse Management Software controls many aspects of warehouse operations, from receiving and storing items to retrieving and shipping them. You can design your warehouse to make the most of your available space, your employees’ time, and the unique storage requirements of the goods that you stock. You can structure your warehouse in almost limitless detail, so you can know exactly where everything is and the exact quantity you have on hand. This allows you to maintain a continuous flow of goods and gives you the competitive edge in delivering goods to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Warehouse Management Software

Accuracy & Speed

With User-defined rules for stock movement and parameters for items and locations to control stock movement you have complete control over fixed and random locations for more efficient stock movement. This gives you the ability to review warehouse contents using multiple levels of detail. You can audit trail reporting of inventory movement, create a logical model of your warehouse, too.

Being able to generate an audit trail of reports for each stock movement helps you sequence your employees’ trips through the warehouse to maximize their productivity and with the ease of using it just like your smart phone you can confirm stock movement with minimal data-entry keystrokes.

First In First Out…

picking you can move your oldest inventory first using date-of-receipt tags and expiration date codes.

Units of Measure…

allow you to choose locations according to the item’s unit of measure to ensure the best fit and maximization of your available warehouse space. You can also allow the system to combine or break down units of measure to speed up inventory movement or maximize utilization of locations.

Automatic Replenishment…

of locations enable the system to monitor every location in your warehouse and can trigger stock movements to replenish your picking locations automatically when you deplete stock quantities to a point that you define.

Item Ledger…

gives you a history of all inventory movements.

Inclusion Rules…

pull up the order types (sales, purchase, and so on) and the order statuses that the system processes.

The abilities are nearly endless, we can add new functionality as your needs and business practices evolve. Call to talk with us 888-564-7978 about your ideas regarding RFID and how we can help you revolutionize your operation.