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Rental Savings Are Significant

When you rent instead of buy the savings are significant. Renting lowers your maintenance costs, ensures reliable parts and service from us and we offer financing for you as well. Needing to replace your or find new equipment can use a large portion of your budget. At KMH we offer you financing to not only lower the costs per unit ship of your operation but to keep up time at maximum. Equipment is a large investment to make and unfortunately, sometimes you make large equipment purchases only to find out the particular gear doesn’t fit your needs. We maintain a large fleet of rental units ready for quick delivery and we service what we have so you make the right choice at the right time.

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Significant Savings

There are significant savings, because of its high purchase price, and leasing equipment also means you have predictable, regular payments. Whether you don’t want to invest the capital or simply don’t have it, renting or leasing provides a cost-effective solution. Also, If you only plans on using the equipment for a limited amount of time or is just using it for a small project, renting or leasing the equipment will work in your favor.

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Keep in mind that renting is generally preferable when using equipment for short periods of time or if you wants to avoid risks associated with equipment breakdowns and maintenance. Additionally, renting equipment usually ensures access to the latest models and technologies due to KMH’s continual investments in our fleets.

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Lower Your Cost Per Unit Shipped

Every business wants to lower their cost per unit shipped, and that’s our goal for you. Knowing the parameters and needs of our customers and having a fleet of equipment from forklifts to boom lifts and construction equipment allows us to be available 24/7 to meet your growing and changing needs. Additionally, KMH maintains the unit, and you avoid the expense of upkeep. If a piece of machinery breaks down, KMH will fix it, and if the repair will take an extended amount of time, KMH will exchange the broken unit with a different one.


  • Forklift purchases require you to invest a significant amount of capital or have well established credit
  • As your purchased equipment ages you will not get benefits of newer tech
  • New equipment is not available immediately
  • It can be hard to estimate the length of some jobs & therefore the cost
  • Your cost is much lower for short to medium term rentals
  • Rentals are generally available for businesses with minimal credit
  • There is no need for in-house mechanics
  • You can use the latest equipment depending on rental company

To learn more about our Rental Program visit our web sites. We offer short term, long term and rent to own programs to fit your needs: