Dock Seals

A Quick Guide To Loading Docks & Seals

Dock Seals provide an effective seal between the truck trailer and building wall and are the best choice for a tight seal. Dock Shelters are used on larger door openings. Shelters are also best for loading docks serving a variety of trailer sizes. They allow full access to trailer openings and in many situations out-last Seals. A dock seal or shelter can help you save money on energy costs.

Benefits of Dock Seals & Shelters

• Prolong Life of Dock Equipment Seal out moisture, dust and elements that reduce equipment life
• Save Money On Energy Costs
• Seal in warehouse heating & cooling
• Reduce Employee Injury and Absenteeism Seal out wind, rain, ice and dust that cause employee illness and accidents
• Reduce theft. Close the gap between truck and door, and eliminate theft

Loading Dock Seals

Loading dock seals protect your structure, trucks and products. A seal provides a tight closure between the truck and your loading dock. This keeps temperatures consistent and keeps insects, dampness and other things out. If you have a particularly delicate load, this can be vital.

Dock Seals

Dock Seals also can provide an airtight seal–whereas a dock shelter is not quite as tight. Since the seal is airtight, it does require a bit more attention to the size of the truck and the dock–there is less flexibility. Using a loading dock leveler may make it easier, depending on the situation. When everything comes together and fits, a dock seal provides the best possible protection to your most important loads.

Dock Levelers

An efficient, reliable dock leveler maintenance routine can minimize the chances of dock board repair. It also increases efficiency and reliability of your operations, extends equipment life, lessens wear and tear, and reduces the chances of malfunction.

Dock Leveler

Regular maintenance helps you establish a relationship with professional experts, so that you know when to call us when you need us. Moreover, it puts you on a priority list so that you don’t tie up your maintenance personnel to fix the problem.

We provide replacement, maintenance and dock leveler repair services for a wide variety of leveler types, including mechanical leveler, hydraulic leveler and others. If you need dock lift repair, don’t wait to give us a call. The smooth operation of your daily routine depends on it.

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