Forklift Maintenance

Preventative Measures for Your Fleet

Forklifts benefit from regular maintenance. From oil changes, tire & fluid checks, light and warning indicator replacements to many other useful “tricks of the trade.” Be sure all your drivers have an easy to access check list to guide them before they operate your equipment. Daily checks not only ensure the safety of all workers, they help keep the cost of maintenance down by bringing repairs and other issues to your attention as soon as they arise.

OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) has a handy forklift safety check guide on their website, and many supervisors and company safety administrators use this information as a guideline for their own forklift maintenance schedules. OSHA recommends a daily check before a forklift is used. This can be during the morning, afternoon or evening shift, just as long as it is done once per day. Based on these OSHA checks, you should repair and fix your forklift if any of the following things are not working properly.

Here is a basic list of OSHA’s check list to keep handy:

1. Check for any fluids that may be present on the floor which may suggest cracked hoses
2. Check fluid levels for oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, and water in batteries (if applicable)
3. Inspect the tire condition by checking for any balding spots, cracks, cuts, or gouges in tires that need to be addressed
4. Check the condition of the forks including the top clip retaining pin and heel
5. Confirm backrest extension is working properly
6. Ensure all warning decals and plates are in place and legible
7. Confirm that the operational manual is present on forklift and is legible
8. Affirm that the operator’s area is clear of debris that could interfere with operations
9. Be sure all safety gear (seat belt, back up alarm, horn) is in working order

Your workplace may have a variety of trucks that are being operated. You may wish to use a checklist for each type of industrial truck you have in your workplace or compile one that can be used for any type of truck. Our team of Service experts can assist you with all your repair needs. Call 888-564-7978 and press #2 for service assistance, we are happy to help you.