Industrial Fans

Its a HOT One Out! Cool Down with Industrial Fans

Almost all industries need industrial fans or blowers to ensure proper ventilation for the health of its employees and customers. Industrial fans provide air and gas movement that is absolutely necessary for many factories and other industrial sites. The health of thousands of workers and customers is protected every day through the function and utilization of quality industrial fans.

Places to Install:

  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Docks
  • Enclosed Area
  • Construction Sites
  • Factory Work Areas
  • Chemical Industrial Areas
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Racking Aisles


  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet Performance
  • Provides Cool Gentle Breeze In Summer, De-stratifies Heat In The Winter
  • 230,000+ CFM
  • Blade / Gearbox Modularization
  • Chemical Industrial Areas
  • Unique Blades / Hub / Tie Safety System
High Velocity Fans

Our High Velocity Ceiling Fan has a new, 5-blade design not only provides easier maintenance and service, but the unique Double Chain Drive-train has removed the entire downward axial load from the gearbox and places it directly on the heavy duty housing structure. The gearbox no longer supports the weight of the hub and blades, therefore relieving stress on the gearbox, a major point of failure in other designs.

Industrial Ceiling Fan
The High 5 Ceiling Fan
The High 5 Ceiling Fan

Each fan has a different function or purpose and your business will benefit much more when the correct type of fan is utilized to alleviate whatever problem you are facing.

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