SANY Reach Stacker

Reach Stackers

Benefits: Safe and Reliable ∙ High Efficiency ∙ Energy Saving

SANY reach stackers are engineered with power, rugged construction, operator visibility and maneuverability. Designed to easily handle 20-, 30-, 40-foot standard containers, the reach stackers can hoist and place up to 50 U.S. tons with precision. Tube, log stacking and tilting attachments extend its versatility.Whether working in a port, intermodal yard or rail facility, our reach stackers get the job done.

SANY Reach Stacker
SANY Reach Stacker
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Reach Stacker Benefits

  • Dynamic Anti-rollover Protection
  • Anti-collision Technology
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing
  • Solid Tire Suspension Technology
  • Automatic Braking Technology upon Reversing
  • Reliable Structure Design
  • Reliable Power System
  • Vertical Lifting Technologies
  • Efficient Control Technology
  • Comfortable Operation Environment
  • Bulk Container Handling Technology
  • Hydraulic Load Sensing System
  • Dynamic Power Matching Control System
  • Lighter Design