SANY Forklift Truck

Port Forklift Truck

Benefits: Safe and Reliable ∙ High Efficiency ∙ Energy Saving

SANY forklift truck can not only handle large-tonnage cargo, but also support maintenance, discharge and installation of important equipment. With special attachments, it can handle steel, stone, concrete, wood, 20’ container, etc. the forklift is reliable and highly efficient with hoisting capacity from 10 to 46 tons. Various attachments and masts are provided to meet you different requirements.

SANY Forklift Truck
SANY Forklift Truck
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Port Forklift Benefits

  • Intelligent Anti-Rollover Protection
  • Cargo Fall-off Protection Technology
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology
  • Cab Automatic Lock Technology
  • Automatic Braking Technology upon Reversing
  • Reliable Structure Design
  • Reliable Power System
  • Attachment Quick Change Technology
  • Efficient Control Technology
  • Comfortable Operation Environment
  • Hydraulic Load Sensing System
  • Dynamic Power Matching Control System
  • Lighter Design