SANY Empty Container Handler

Empty Container Handler

Benefits: Safe and Reliable ∙ High Efficiency ∙ Energy Saving

SANY empty container handler is a workhorse in the container yard. Constantly moving, maneuvering, lifting and setting. Productivity is the key to profitability, and the container handlers are engineered for grueling long shifts in all weather conditions. With expansive visibility and many cab comfort features, SANY empty container handlers are easy to operate for the most demanding workloads.

SANY Empty Container Handler
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Port Forklift Benefits

  • Dynamic Anti-Rollover
  • Extra High Mast Design
  • Patented Mast Clamping Alarm
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing
  • Solid Tire Flexible Suspension
  • Reliable Design
  • Power System
  • Spreader Horizontal Slew Patent Technology
  • Easily Controlled
  • Comfortable Operation Environment
  • Hurdling Twin Container Spreader
  • Hydraulic Load Sensing System
  • Dynamic Power Matching
  • Lighter Design
  • LNG New Fuel Technology