Forklift Maintenance

Forklift Maintenance: Operate Perfectly Day After Day

Forklifts are incredibly complex machines, ones that need to operate perfectly day after day under the harshest working conditions. It pays to stay ahead of the forklift maintenance schedule, and to be proactive about giving your machine the care it needs.

Standard Maintenance Schedule

Forklift usage is measured in hours. The more hours a forklift works, the more that needs to be repaired. Generally speaking, every 250 hours you should change out the filters, lube up the frame, and check out the brakes and electrical system for signs of wear. At 500 hours, you should service the antifreeze and the spark plug. At 1,000 hours, you should change the hydraulic oil and filter, and check out the brake fluid. This is why it’s important to catalogue your forklift’s usage time, to ensure that you’re staying ahead of any necessary maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

Of course, the best way to take care of a forklift is to practice preventative maintenance. This allows you to know exactly what needs servicing at any given time and to fix the issues before they become hugely expensive problems. You’ll be able to proactively prevent problems from cropping up in the first place, instead of having to scramble to react to every breakdown.

At KMH Systems, we have a team of experts ready to know your machines inside and out. We can warn you of potential problems before they crop up, and we can do the necessary maintenance to ensure that your forklift works just as well on the 1,000th hour as it did on the first. Contact us today and ask about our preventative maintenance program.

Maintenance & Service

KMH Systems can help cut costs on equipment and increase productivity by:

  1. Optimizing fleet size
  2. Increasing utilization / uptime
  3. Evaluating maintenance alternatives
  4. Reviewing lease alternatives
  5. Standardizing equipment and specifications
  6. Improving or eliminating parts inventory

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