Used Forklifts For Sale

Five Reasons To Shop A Used Lift Truck

Buying a used forklift can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Being able to lower your cost per unit shipped is instantly impacted with a used forklift to serve your needs. We work to give you choices that fit your needs in your facility that will impact your profits long term.

1. Used forklifts are as efficient and as effective as brand new lifts

The ability, longevity and durability of the used machine can match that of a new lift.

2. Excellent service at a low cost

A range of options that fulfill your expectations.
We over affordable Parts and Maintenance programs for our Used Forklifts to benefit your budget. Low cost does not mean a low service and poor performance.

3. Large selection of options

Used forklift offers a variety of lift trucks. When you look for a particular power pack or size of forklift, you will find a list of affordable trucks that have been used previously on our online shop CLICK HERE TO VIEW INVENTORY.

4. Multiple purchases

Used lift trucks allow you to purchase more than one truck for performing different tasks. You can purchase two or three forklifts at the same price as a new one.

5. More productivity equals increased profits

When you buy a used forklift will allow your team to be more productive and increase your ROI quickly. When you invest in multiple used forklifts to put into service, you increase the amount of work that can be done over the same period of time.

If you’re interested in additional information on our used lift truck inventory, availability and or would like to request a quote, please use the form below to submit your request or contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978.