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Black Friday & Holiday Maintenance Prep List

With the Holiday season fast approaching, are you ready to operate at maximum uptime? A busy holiday season is a time to consider making any necessary part replacements now, and then plan to keep any spare parts on hand that would cause extended downtime. Our free operational audit can help you prepare in advance of the Season.

Here are four tips to get ready for your Black Friday and Holiday Season. It is best to perform a full-scale preventive maintenance checks on your system regularly. This is something your maintenance technician can do, or if needed. KMH maintenance technicians can come to you to complete the inspection and schedule as well as perform any needed repairs.
“To resent efficiency is a mark of inefficiency.” – Henry Ford

Preventative Maintenance

1. Forklift Checklist

Do you have a complete check list for operators?
Take the time to create a detailed checklist for your operators. Prevent accidents and repair costs and raise your bottom line, especially during the busy Holiday Season.

This list is a general overview, and not exhaustive. A complete checklist should be available for your operators.

Visual Inspection: Remember to check carriages, forks and locks, tires, masts and look for any leaks before operating.

Operational Inspection: Check your attachments, tilt, lift and cylinders. Be sure your brakes, lift and steering are in proper order and pay close attention for any unusual noises or exhaust that may signal a problem or failure in the unit. Stop and have a closer inspection at the first sign of any unusual sounds or activity to avoid accidents and injuries.

Engine compartment: From your fluid levels, fuel lines, belts, oil filter and cooling system to brakes, panels and even hinges. Make sure your operators take the time to check your units to keep them running smoothly every shift.

Electrical Systems: Wire connections and conditions, battery electrolyte, brushes, switches and connector points. Lastly check your Fuel System, Hydraulic system and lubricate your units on a regular basis.

2. Conveyor Care

Many components should be checked on a regular basis. Have responsible team members check your drives, take-up systems, belting, pulleys, idlers, guards, and more regularly.

Cleaning and lubrication of your conveyor can take place on a weekly schedule, and then more in-depth examinations of belts and pulleys should at least be done on a monthly basis. Planning preventive maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary downtime, and a dedicated maintenance technician is a bonus worth paying for to keep your operation running smoothly all year long.

3. Conveyor Parts Preparation

During your operational audit with us we can help you list and make preparations for parts you may want to have on hand. Making the right parts decisions in advance can prevent possible repairs prevent multiple maintenance calls. For example you can pre-order a variety of regularly needed parts:
1. Motors
2. Belts
3. Drive and pulleys
4. Couplings
5. Rollers
6. Air bags and brake pads
7. Sensors

4. Software Maintenance

1. Is all software up to date? Check Windows updates, security software, and the applications that run the business. Are they performing as expected?
2. Backups Are you baking up regularly? Do you have offsite copies? Do you have a procedure in place to restore files if needed?

There are many material handling maintenance checks to perform, this list is to get you going, and encourage you to get ready for the busy season! These are only a few tips that hopefully help you review and prep the critical areas of your system before the Holiday Season.

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