Gravity Conveyor

Benefits of Skatewheel & Gravity Conveyors

A gravity conveyor moves the load without utilizing motor power sources, usually down an incline or through a person pushing the load along a flat conveyor. A gravity conveyor can utilize skatewheels or full rollers. Excellent for the warehouse, back room, & production lines.

Skatewheel or Roller: Which Gravity Do I Need?

Skatewheel Conveyor

Made with steel skatewheels mounted on axles to convey product. This is the most economical type of conveyor. It is frequently used for loading trucks with the conveyor set up on removable stands or supports. Skatewheel conveyors are good for items with a smooth, flat bottom. Unlike power conveyor, the load can be wider than your conveyor if centered correctly. Skate wheel conveyors flow better than roller conveyor. A minimum of ten wheels should be positioned beneath your load at any given time.

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Uses rollers for greater weight carrying capacities than skatewheel. Rollers are recommended for uneven, open, or rimmed bottom packages. They have springloaded axles for easy removal & replacement. Unlike skatewheel conveyors, product should never be wider than the rollers. Use at least three rollers under a product at any given time.

Benefits of Skatewheel Conveyor:

  • Require less pitch to convey the product
  • Lightweight loads and empty cartons move easily on the skatewheel conveyor
  • As the load negotiates curves the skatewheels provide this differential action
  • Less energy is needed to turn the wheels and that makes skatewheel good at maintaining speed
  • Since each wheel turns independently,  skatewheel conveyors are excellent for

Benefits of Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • They are cost effective because they require no power to work effectively
  • Easy to install, and only require basic maintenance
  • They can be used in a variety of environments and fit into even awkwardly shaped rooms
  • Gravity conveyors are easy to fit into a powered conveyor system
  • Can be modified with curved roller units, spurs and personnel gates

For any space you are looking to utilize a conveyor system, we can advise you on how the systems work, and whether they can be fitted into your particular business space.