KMH Service Fleet

Benefits of In-House Parts, Service & OEMs

At KMH we have expertise in everything we sell. There is no substitute for quality, efficiency and safety. Working with KMH service teams and our OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) you are not just buying a part, you are investing in our over 40 years of experience and expertise to service your future.

KMH has access to next day delivery from our supplier sources on most parts so you can Stock less inventory at your locations. Free up cash flow to accelerate growth and impact in other areas of your business.

Why KMH Service?

A technician who is familiar with your fleet and operations will be able to complete any and all maintenance with more accuracy and precision than anyone else. You won’t have to shop around for services and you will save yourself the hassle of working with less experienced technicians. When your equipment needs service you want to be sure that who you reach out to will treat you with respect, integrity, and honesty.

How Can We Help?

Our service Team comes to you. With a 2-hour response goal, fully stocked vans, and 15 locations, we give our clients year round support and short notice reliability they deserve.

Over 50 Service Technicians

Fully Stocked Vans with mobile tire presses

Operation (Preventive) Maintenance

Service at your location for: batteries, hoists, conveyors and other material handling assets

Forklift Parts & Service

Why OEM Parts?

OEM parts are made by the manufacturer of your equipment. That means the part will be the same or better than the original.

OEM parts mean you don’t have to guess at assessing the different parts available.

OEM parts are made according to exact specifications and will work precisely like the part you are replacing.

Unlike most generic parts, OEM parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer and won’t void the warranty on the original piece of equipment.

Generic parts may cost less upfront, research has shown that they can lead to increased costs in equipment downtime and inefficiency.

Our dealership has proven expertise and application knowledge of major brands in your equipment fleet including: Viper, Nexen, Unicarriers, Nissan, Clark, Doosan, Yale & Hyster, Mitsi & Cat, Crown, Raymond.

Letting KMH be your one call for all your material handling needs saves you time, energy, and frustration you might have from needing to fill out warranty-related paperwork or get your warranty transferred. Our network of parts associates across KMH locations has over 150 years lift truck parts experience and knowledge that we bring to your success.

Want to find out how we can save you money in advance? Provide us a list of your top 15 parts using the form below along with any special requirements. We’ll provide a quote within 24 hours that is tailored to meet your specific needs!