Forklift Operator Training

Benefits of Forklift Training

KMH gives the highest level of in-depth training for you and your operators to keep everyone safe and in alignment with all regulations. Proper training also lowers your costs in terms of less damage to your products, your facility and to operator injury. We teach you how to see small maintenance issues and fixing them before become big ones. Knowing proper methods of operating a forklift also results in less wear and tear on your equipment. All of this results in equipment that stays in better condition for a longer period, an increase in the life of your forklifts and lowered operating costs.

The primary and principal benefit of forklift training is safety. These industrial large and powerful machines don’t take much time to create havoc. The individuals working on your lift trucks should be properly prepared.  Training not only keeps everyone safe it also will increase your bottom line.

Forklift Maintenance & Forklift Training

OSHA and ANSI have requirements regarding forklifts. Ultimately it is up to you, the employer, to see that your operators and fleet managers are aware of the regulations and that your company complies.

Operators that receive ongoing training are more efficient and productive employees. Improved morale and efficiency they will have gained from training will increase how much work each of your operators can accomplish in a day, and that improves your bottom line.

Benefits Of Trained Operators

  • Skilled drivers can transport all kinds of heavy goods in a fast, steady and careful manner
  • When operators know how to be safe, they will also be more comfortable on the job
  • Trained and certified operators always make sure that the machines are operated in a correct manner and are not mishandled
  • Forklift training will also upgrade the level of confidence to work better and in an engaged way
  • When operators are trained, they are more likely to avoid costly mistakes that can result in damaged product or forklift equipment
Forklift Safety Training

These best practices decrease the likelihood of injuries to operators and damage to equipment and property. KMH continually strives to educate our customers about lift truck operation, safety, and industrial regulations for both ANSI and OSHA. With proper forklift training, you can reduce your downtime due to improper operation and provide effective timely maintenance/repair of your lift truck fleet. We provide a range of forklift training classes at progressive levels to meet your needs!

Forklift Training Classes