KMH Automation Technology

Automation Technology

As your operations grow it’s important to keep pace with your expansion. By using system automation and technology KMH helps you reduce waste and maximize your bottom line. We utilize an operational audit to configure automation customized to your facility.

Implementing the appropriate automation to result in the most rapid ROI is our mission, and we consider systems designed to bring you these benefits:

• Decreased overhead cost
• Order accuracy
• Increased Productivity
• Increased revenue
• Consistency, Reliability, and Accuracy
• High Volume Production and Performance
• Increase in Safety
• Increased shipping time

Some of the ways KMH can help increase your ROI:

Conveyor Systems


We have a wide range of conveyors to fit your needs. From gravity, belted, live-roller, tabletop, to controls, induction and sortation, conveyor systems make a positive difference in efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Warehouse Management Systems

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

The benefits that come with WMS increase profits, lowered turnaround time and lower cost per unit shipped. Over a short period of time the increased revenue allows you to provide outstanding customer service and maintain employee hours and wages and see profits increase as a direct result of the efficiency of automated WMS.

AS/RS System

AS/RS Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems reduce labor of transporting items into and out of inventory, reduced inventory levels, have more accurate tracking of inventory, and bring greater space savings.



Robotics improve productivity, reduce labor costs and perform tasks in a specified time frame. With speed and accuracy increased throughput can move at a more efficient rate.

Seegrid AGVs


Automated guided vehicles offer a wide array of benefits to accuracy, safety and increased productivity. An AGV can operate around the clock and in conditions where workers may not need to be. They can operate with your warehouse control or management system to improve accuracy and efficiency. With a variety of options KMH can help you determine which AGV is right for you.

Print & Apply

Print & Apply

Print and Apply technology increases throughput, reduces manual labor, Improve Accuracy with Labeler Automation and Reduce Shipping Material Costs. Our engineering team integrates the system to assure maximum throughput within your specific budget.

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