Industrial Automation

Automate Yourself a Higher ROI

To meet the needs of the high velocity world of e-commerce, conveyors and sorters must be a smart, fast, and efficient component of a production or order fulfilment engine. Driven by the need for flexibility, speed, and maximum uptime, customers are turning to a new generation of technologies—and new ways to minimize and optimize conveyor and sortation solutions—that enable nimbleness while cutting costs.

When considering industrial automation as a cost reduction, automation will generally reduce the amount of material handling and orientation time required with manual operations. It can also be synced with your business’s mobile devices, gather data in real time, track serial numbers, generate internal bar codes, and print out reports. An inventory system will minimize the chance of lost sales and improve customer and client satisfaction by making the inventory process run more smoothly, from the point of sale to stocking and storage to delivery.

Improves Quality:

When the automation project is developed, it should be planned to handle peak capacity. For example, if the equipment can produce the forecast annual quantity in two shifts, five days a week, a “surge” order can be run on third shift or on the weekend. Without the automation, people would have to be added and trained in order to handle the peak volumes.

Reduces Inventory Costs:

Lowering your ”cost-per-touch” The fewer times someone moves or touches the item, the fewer costs are associated with it. Automated systems keep the information in your computers accurate throughout the inventory’s entire lifecycle, from delivery at your store or warehouse to arrival at your customer’s door. An automated warehouse lets you avoid the headache and mistakes that come with trying to do it yourself and will save you money. According to an article from Entrepreneur, “companies can increase their profitability 20 to 50 percent or more through careful inventory management.”

Improve Response Time:

Carousel Automation means one employee can often do the work of four. Your employees are freed from time-consuming checking and rechecking. We also provide specialized middle tier Warehouse Management Software (WMS) enabling management to track inventory in every existing storage modality (shelving, flow rack, carousels, mini-load) utilizing every proven presentation method: Pick-to-Light, RFID, Voice Operated Picking (VOP).

At KMH we make sure you have the right equipment, insight and systems to allow you to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time, at the right place, in the right condition. For more information and help with all the ways you can save contact us at: 888-564-7978