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“Always Up” – Autocar Xspotter

“Always Up®” isn’t just some fancy promise – it’s a state of mind. It’s what you want. It’s what we live. Who’s up first in the mornings? The sun. The early birds. The hardest workers. And the hardest working trucks.”

First In Safety

From powertrain performance, to cab safety and durability, to interior ergonomics, to cab suspension design, Autocar continues to lead the way!

Offering the best turning radius is just the beginning. We keep your operators safe with our unmatched 360 degree visibility, huge pantographic windshield wipers, largest rear door entry/exit, aggressive foot grip surfaces, heavy duty stout cab frame, well positioned grab handles inside and out, and Autocar’s “safety hook system” which eliminates moving semi-trailer drops.

Extra-large foot grips on the walking surfaces and large, highly visible grab handles strategically placed around the cab, and large cab doors designed for today’s largest operators. Smart ergonomics, safer ingress/egress, and more to let your operators focus on the job.


Exclusive four-point premium cab air suspension which works in combination with our advanced 14K heavy duty spring and gas shocks, to protect your operator from neck and back discomfort.

Deluxe Cab Space

Smart ergonomics, safer ingress/egress, and more to let your operators focus on the job. Premium climate control.

Designed For Productivity

Made for getting the job done fast, right, safe – huge operator space to get in and out comfortably, the tallest and widest door openings, more glass and fewer blind spots, premium cab suspension system, extra powerful AC system, easy effort steering, the tightest turning radius, and more.

Yard Truck Advantages

1) Yard trucks are smaller units which are more maneuverable & agile (116″ wheelbase)
2) Yard trucks use 160-220 hp engines, making them much more fuel efficient
3) The yard trucks hydraulic fifth wheel saves time – no cranking trailer dolly wheels
4) Yard trucks use automatic transmissions, saving clutch related maintenance
5) Time savings for hook and unhook procedures are about 3:1 compared w/ road tractor

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