Cut Costs

5 Ways To Cut Your Costs Today

Every day offers an opportunity to lower your cost per unit shipped. Getting focused in that direction and making it happen will significantly impact this.

Listed below are 5 simple ways a phone call to KMH for either our operational audits, service calls, or equipment requests can save you money TODAY.

Warehouse Lighting

1. Lighting

Flipping the switch on savings is easier than you think. If you partner with KMH, we are able to pass on the energy management margins to you. We have been saving companies millions of dollars annually! KMH’s lighting Division keeps money in your account. We offer the ability for you to now see what you’re doing as well as where you’re saving. To top it off, KMH lighting surveys are FREE!

Forklift Trade-In

2. Trade in Credit

Do you have used or old equipment lying around, collecting dust, not really getting the job done? If so, you should think about this… Used equipment can be money in your bank account; you just need to decide when to replace it. Utilizing the same old and run down equipment can be inefficient, while also harmful and dangerous to your employees. KMH can evaluate how to maximize your investment in industrial equipment (both indoor & outdoor) as well as your parts and service needs to keep you rolling at an affordable price.

Fleet Management

3. Prevention

What is prevention? Prevention is the action of stopping something from happening or arising. Fleet management is exactly this… it saves time and prevents problems from occurring. Here at KMH, we pride ourselves on telemetry and fleet management hardware & software that contain features such as; email alerts, utilization reports, operator checklists, and even PM interval alerts. If you want to stay ahead of any problems, it’s much easier when you simply prevent them from happening. By implementing these state-of-the-art tools for your forklift fleet and team, you’ll be guaranteed to save TIME & MONEY!

Forklift Rentals

4. Rentals

Are your finances, bills, and long term contract agreements slowing you down? Here is an opportunity for you to gain more freedom financially and enjoy life a little more. KMH maintains a rental ready fleet for both short and long term needs. Whatever works better for you, we adjust accordingly! Sometimes all you will need is a rental, so in turn, we evaluate your goals and can recommend the best solution when and while you need it.

KMH Service Vans

5. Parts and Service

Affordable and reliable – care and efficiency are qualities we pride ourselves on. Our team of certified technicians ensures maximum fleet up-time… that’s your money and your time, and we want to ensure you save it! With over a million dollar parts inventory and 50+ service technicians, we are road ready to stay true to our values all while helping you SAVE BIG!

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