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5 Reasons Why Keeping a Forklift Maintenance Schedule Is Important

When you use PMs for your forklifts, there are many benefits. Your forklifts work hard, and you should want to keep them working hard for as long as they can. Why is frequent forklift maintenance important, and how can you optimize your forklift maintenance schedule to minimize costs and maximize each forklift’s useful life and performance?

Increased Productivity

Equipment that is well maintained does not break down. This improves productivity as well as your bottom line performance.

It Relieves the Stress of Surprise Breakdowns

When your forklift is secure and fully inspected, there is going to be a less potential mechanical failure. PM makes sure that you are getting that inspection and catching potential problems.

Enhance Facility Safety

Equipment failures can have catastrophic consequences. Properly maintaining your forklifts will improve operator safety, as well as those that work around your equipment.

It Helps Reduce Operating Costs

If you have a maintenance plan that makes sure your forklift is in top shape, you will benefit from more uptime. This can also increase the lifespan of your forklift! The other way it helps save money is by not having to employ an onsite forklift mechanic.

Better Trade Value

Another benefit of using a PM program is that it will help when it comes time to sell the forklift. If the buyer knows you have had the forklift inspected with a PM program, it shows that you have taken care of the machine.

Having the right partner in maintaining your equipment is as important as selecting the right doctor for the maintenance of your health. Our trained, experienced technicians perform thousands of Planned Maintenance service calls each year. Learn more about how KMH can help you and your fleet!

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