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4 Ideal Applications for Aluminum Frame Plastic Chain Conveyor

Plastic chain conveyors have become increasingly popular recently due to their modularity, flexibility, and the variety of industries in which they can perform. Sleek and clean, the low-profile design is able to convey a wide range of product depending on your needs.

As with every material handling solution, the aluminum plastic chain can serve very specific needs and performs best in specific industries. Because of its easy maintenance, durability, and compact nature, we believe that the aluminum frame plastic chain is ideal for the following sectors.

Pharmaceutical Applications

The pharmaceutical industry requires a conveyor that is both hygienic and flexible. From bottle transport to prescription packaging, these types of applications require modular components that permit both horizontal and vertical transport. An aluminum frame plastic chain also meets the specified requirements of cleanliness with easy wash-down.

An added benefit of any aluminum frame plastic chain is the low decibel level, allowing you to improve productivity while adding safety and comfort for your employees.

Automotive Applications

The above example shows what you can do with small, more fragile product but aluminum is also a highly durable material, making it ideal for handling bearings, wiring harnesses, and palletized product. With the modularity needed to reset production runs quickly, the conveyor can be easily reconfigured, giving you freedom to use your plant how you want to.

Food Packaging Applications

Like in the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene is imperative for the food industry. The easy-to-clean aluminum in this type of solution can handle various types of packaged food in hygienic environments. Using the best of both worlds, the modularity allows for the reconfiguration needed when beginning different production runs.

Personal Care Applications

Personal care applications involve handling different types of bottled liquid products either directly on top of a conveyor or on pucks. Are you sensing a theme yet? It’s difficult to talk about the aluminum conveyor without again listing its three critical elements: a modular layout, a compact profile, and a hygienic design. When it comes to personal care applications, all three are a necessity.


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What Else?

Aluminum frame conveyors can easily utilize vertical movement to maximize your production space, and they can handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes. As the world adapts to evolving market demands and we move further into the world of clean energy and low environmental impact, the aluminum plastic chain conveyor has emerged as a front-runner for change.

Posted by Victor Smither – Hytrol

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